Creating an original stencil or template

There are times when you might like to reuse certain custom elements or diagrams that you’ve created in Cacoo. Fortunately, in addition to saving as a diagram, Cacoo gives you the option to save what you’ve created as a stencil or template.

Saving as a Stencil or Template

  1. Click on “Save Diagram.”
  2. Next, choose the Type.
    1. For a stencil, switch “Type” from “Ordinary diagram” to “Stencil.”Save_as_stencil.png
    2. For a template, switch “Type” from “Ordinary diagram” to “Template."Save_as_Template.png
  3. Click “Save."

Locating Stencils and Templates on the Dashboard

When you go to your Dashboard (, you’ll see that your stencils and templates are located alongside your diagrams.


However, as in the above image, you’ll see that your templates and stencils (e.g. “Job_Flyer” and “Network_Test”) have icons next to the titles. These icons identify the diagram as either a stencil or a template.



This differentiation could be confusing if you have a lot of work to sort through.

Filtering for Stencils or Templates

Click on the Search Bar.



Select which Type you’d like to search for, and the results will be filtered to include either templates or stencils.

Finding your Stencils and Templates in the Editor

The stencils that you create in Cacoo will be located in a folder in the Stencil menu called “User Defined Stencils.”


You will be able to drag and drop your original stencil onto the canvas, just as you would do with any other stencil.

Similarly, the templates you create in Cacoo will be located in the Template menu, in a folder called “User Defined Templates.”


Select the template and it will appear within the Editor, just as any other template would.