Cacoo for Education - Transferring Diagrams

If you got accepted for Cacoo for Education before December 18th, 2017, please read this blog post for important changes effecting your account on December 18th, 2018. 

Diagrams can be transferred by moving diagrams to another project in the organization or by moving private diagrams to the organization.

Moving private diagrams

Moving private diagrams to the organization can be done in two ways: you can move multiple by moving the entire containing folder or move diagrams individually.

After moving to the organization, the diagrams will be removed from the private diagram page and will no longer be viewable from the Private account. Those diagrams cannot be changed back to Private or moved to another organization.

Moving all diagrams in a Folder

To move all diagrams in a folder at once, open the folder menu and select the destination organization. All diagrams will be moved to a project in the organization regardless of whether or not the owner of the diagrams is a member of the organization.

Diagrams will only be shared with the organization members or project members. Please be careful when you are moving diagrams to the organization because you will not be able to move them back to your shared folders.

New private diagrams cannot be added or moved to a folder that has been moved to the organization.

Moving Diagrams Individually

To transfer a diagram to an organization, open the diagram’s menu and choose the destination organization. You can only share diagrams that you own.

You can either move a diagram to a Project or the general space of the organization.

Moving Diagrams Between Projects

Diagrams outside of projects or diagrams within Projects can be moved to other projects.

When moving a diagram, you need to either be or have an administrator role in the destination Project. If you are an editor, you can move diagrams that you own. If you are a project administrator, you can also move diagrams that you do not own.