Cacoo for Education - Security Settings

If you got accepted for Cacoo for Education before December 18th, 2017, please read this blog post for important changes effecting your account on December 18th, 2018. 

Security settings can be configured on organization diagrams to restrict publishing or sharing diagrams.

For Projects:

  • Click on the Project you would like to change the security settings of
  • Click the gear next to the Project name, then click “Project Settings.”Business_Basics_Security_Projects.png

Security settings include the following:

Security Setting

What it does

Disable "Open diagram to public by URL"

Prevents diagram sharing between organizational and non-organizational members

Disable "Anyone can edit"

Allows non-organizational members to view diagrams, but prevents them from editing them

Disable sharing on Google Drive

Prevents sharing diagrams via Google Drive outside of the organization

Disable access from other tools except Cacoo

disables access to the diagrams in the organization using an API.

To prevent people from accessing the diagram from anywhere but the Cacoo page, turn on this setting

The security settings can be set per Project or for the entire organization. Any settings disabled in the organization cannot be enabled in the Project.