Si fue aceptado a Cacoo para Educación antes del 18 de diciembre de 2017, por favor lea este blog para ver los cambios importantes afectando su cuenta el 18 de diciembre de 2018.

If you got accepted for Cacoo for Education before December 18th, 2017, please read this blog post for important changes effecting your account on December 18th, 2018. 

When using Cacoo for Education, diagrams are created and shared within the space called the "Organization." All diagrams created within the Organization belong to the Organization, not just the diagram owners, and administrators have the same permission access as the diagram owners.

Private and Organizational Diagrams

Under both the paid and free plans, diagrams created under the “Private” account belong to the user who created the diagram (known as the "diagram owner"). Even organization administrators cannot manage these diagrams. The owners of private diagrams can share their diagrams with other users or delete them. Private diagrams will also be deleted when the Cacoo account is deleted.

Organizational diagrams are managed by the organization's administrators. These diagrams can only be shared among the organization, preventing any accidental leakage of important diagram information. Other security and sharing settings also include the options to "publish the diagram with URL" option and to give other users permission to view, but not edit, the diagrams.

Private Diagrams


You are the sole owner of private diagrams. Only you can control what happens with these diagrams.

When your account is deleted, all of your diagrams will be deleted as well. The owner of the diagram is deleted, all diagrams in that account will also be deleted.

Organizational Diagrams


Diagrams created in the organization belong to the organization. You might be the creator of specific diagrams within the organization, but the organization administrators will be able to perform certain operations on all of the organization diagrams, such as deleting, transferring ownership, and moving them a diagram. Diagrams will remain in the organization permanently unless they are moved to the recycle bin.

If a member is deleted from the organization or deletes their account,  the diagrams that they shared to the organization will not be affected and will remain shared in the organization. The administrators can change the owner of the diagram to another user in the organization when the original owner's account is deleted.

Switching Between Organization and Private

If you see your profile picture in the left menu, you are seeing your private diagrams.

If the organization's name and icon are shown, you are looking at the organization’s diagrams.

To switch between Organizational and Private diagrams, click the icon in the left menu or click the tab in the header and make your selection.

If you belong to multiple organizations, all organizational icons will be shown when you click the tab or icon.


The icon in the left menu:

Click your photo.



Tab in the Header:

Click the arrow on the tab that’s next to Private.



Click your organization's name:


Creating a Diagram

Click the "Create New Diagram" button to create a new diagram.

If you are in the Private view, the diagram will be saved as private. If you are in the organization view, the diagram will be saved as organizational.

Private diagrams can be moved to the organization, but organizational diagrams cannot be changed to Private diagrams or moved to another organization.