The Dashboard is the place where you see all of the created diagrams, also accessible through the URL https://cacoo.com/diagrams


Diagrams are what you create in Cacoo. They are made up of sheets.

Diagram Owner

The Diagram owner is the person that created the diagram. Diagram owners can share their diagrams with other users or delete them.

Diagram Viewer

On the Diagram Viewer, you can see all of your diagrams sheets, comments from others, and diagram information. It is sometimes referred to as the “Diagram Details Page.”


The Editor is the place where you create your diagrams.


Folders help organize your diagrams on a personal plan.


"Presentation" is similar to presentation mode on Google Slides or Powerpoint. You can access it from the Diagram Viewer.


A project is an area dedicated to working with others within a Team or Education organization. Diagrams will not be visible to organization members unless they are within a project.

Shared Folder

Shared folders allow you to work with others on the personal plans.


Sheets are individual tabs of a diagram.


A diagramming environment. The possible spaces are the Private or Team/Educational Organization.


A stencil is a shape that you can add to your diagram.


A template is a pre-made design that you can use as the basis of your diagram.