If you got accepted for Cacoo for Education before December 18th, 2017, please read this blog post for important changes effecting your account on December 18th, 2018. 

In Cacoo for Education, diagrams are sorted and shared through “Projects.” Organizational diagrams cannot be shared by inviting other users to view them.

Projects can be added by clicking the "+" button in the left menu next to "Project." Aside from organization administrators, members who are given permission by administrators can create projects.

Sharing diagrams through Projects

Diagrams within a project are shared with all of the project's members. Project members can add organizational and group members. Users who do not belong to the organization cannot be added as project members.

Roles can be set for each member within a Project.

For details about adding and editing project members, please refer to Managing Project Members. For details about project roles, please refer to Project roles.

Managing Project Members

Add project members

Go to the "Manage project members" menu to add project members. The existing members of this project will be shown in the panel. To add members to this project, click the "Add project member" button at the upper left.

Next, choose the members and groups you want to add to the project. In the box at the upper left, select the members and groups you want to add. After making your selection, click the "Add" button and they will become members of this project. You can change each user's role before clicking the "Add" button.

Edit project member settings

Go to "Manage project members" menu to edit project members' and groups' roles, or to delete members. You can do this by clicking each member or group's icon in the "Manage project members" panel.

Project roles

Roles can be set for both individual project members and groups. Depending on their role, a member's abilities can differ from project to project.

A user can be added to a project as both an individual user and a group member. When a user is added to the project as an individual and with a group, the role for the individual user will be applied. When a user is not added as an individual but with multiple groups, the highest role will be applied.

Project administrators

The project administrators can (1) view, edit, delete or change the owner of all diagrams in the project, including the ones that are created by other users, (2) create new diagrams, (3) change project settings, (4) delete projects, (5) add and delete project members, and (6) change members' roles. To change project settings or edit members, click the project name at the top of the page.

Guests cannot be set as project administrators.


Editors can view and edit all diagrams in the project. Editors can delete or change the ownership of the diagrams that they have created.


Viewers can only view the diagrams in the project. They cannot create new diagrams or edit diagrams. Even if the diagram was created by the user, they can only view it.