With Typetalk integration, you can:

  • Receive Typetalk notifications when team members update a diagram or add a comment in Cacoo.

* Typetalk integration is available exclusively for Team Plan users. Learn more

Connect Typetalk with Cacoo

  1. Click on the Settings icon from the project page and select "Integrations."chat_integration_1_2x.png
  2. Click on Integrations. You should see a dialog with integration services.
  3. Click the Connect button in the Typetalk section. The page will redirect to the Typetalk integration page.
  4. Select the Typetalk topic that you would like the Cacoo notification to be posted on.
  5. Once you have selected the topic, click the "Authorize" button. The page will redirect back to Cacoo's Integration Dialog.
  6. Select which Event(s) that you would like to receive notifications.