Cacoo Ninja is an extension that runs in the background to enhance your Cacoo experience. By installing Cacoo Ninja, you can enjoy additional great features on Cacoo:


  • Take a screenshot
  • Insert an image from Clipboard
  • Copy a sheet to Clipboard as a PNG
  • Retain font styles in PDF exports


How to install Cacoo Ninja:


  1. Download

    To download the Cacoo Ninja installer, please use the following URLs: 



  2. Run Installer

Open the .dmg file and run the installer by following steps in the instruction to complete installation. You will need to give Cacoo Ninja installer administrator privileges to run the installation.

3. Achieve Greatness

Once you have finished running the installer, go check your installation status.

 Having issues with Cacoo Ninja? Check out our Troubleshooting page.