Once your Cacoo trial ends, you may upgrade, cancel your plan, or switch to the Free plan. 


  • Downgrading to a Free plan is currently not available for paid plan users. 
  • Only plan administrators can perform the downgrade to the Free plan. 
  • After the downgrade, your sheets will remain in the same diagram and folder. 

If your organization is deleted, all diagrams in the organization will be stored for a period of time and removed after 180 days.


Switching to Free plan

If your organization contains six sheets or less, you will only need to follow step 1 below. If your organization has more than six sheets, please follow the complete steps below. 


To downgrade to the Free plan: 

  1. After your trial expires, a plan upgrade dialog will prompt when you’re accessing Cacoo. Click on the Free plan link to switch to the Free plan.

  2. It will prompt you to the sheets selection dialog. Select six sheets you want to keep to perform the downgrade to Free plan and select Next.
    *The remaining sheets will be deleted when the downgrade takes place. Please select carefully.

  3. A confirmation message will prompt. Review the six selections and select Confirm to downgrade.