Once your Cacoo trial ends, you may upgrade, cancel your plan, or switch to the Free plan. 


  • Downgrading to the Free plan is available for Trial plan organizations when they meet the following criteria:
    - have 6 sheets or less
    - have 1 shared folder or none
    - when their trial plan has expired
    This is due to the Free plan limit of a maximum of six sheets and one shared folder. If your organization currently has more than six sheets or/and more than one shared folder, please consider deleting some before your Cacoo trial ends.
    *If your trial has ended and you wish to delete diagrams/folders to perform a downgrade to Free, your administrators can delete them from the Settings > Diagrams/Folders Management page. However, they are unable to open and view the diagrams.
  • Only plan administrators can perform the downgrade to the Free plan. 
  • After the downgrade, your sheets will remain in the same diagram and folder. 

If your organization is deleted, all diagrams in the organization will be stored for a period of time and will be removed after 180 days.


Switching to Free plan

After your trial expires, a plan upgrade dialogue will prompt when you’re accessing Cacoo. Click on the Free plan link to switch to the Free plan.