1. Choose the object you want to add a link to, and press "Inspector" button on the toolbar (See image below)
  2. In the Inspector, click the "Link" tab and check "Enable."

Linking to another sheet of the same diagram

If you want to link to another sheet of the same diagram, choose "Change sheet" and select the desired sheet via the drop-down arrow next to the Sheet box.

Linking to an external web page

Check "Open URL" and enter the complete website URL.

Linking to the sheet of another diagram

Enter the URL of that sheet. You can find URLs to exact sheets by clicking on the specific sheet in the Cacoo Viewer, then copying the URL from the address bar.

You can see the link icon when the cursor hovers on the linked object. 

After adding a link to your diagram, you can check the link in the following ways.

In the Editor

Press the "Cacoo" icon in the upper left, then choose "View" and "Start preview" in the drop-down menus. Then click the linked object in the diagram.

On the Diagram Viewer

Click the object directly to check the link, or click the 'Diagram Action' button and choose 'Only View Image,' then check the links. You can also check the links after pressing the 'Diagram Action' button and selecting 'Presentation.’