Why can't I copy and paste in the Editor?

It is possible that this is the result of Flash Player updates applied to your system. If the shortcuts "Ctrl+C" and "Ctrl+V" (Command + C and Command ⌘+ V on Mac, respectively)  are not working, and the "Copy" and "Paste" buttons on the toolbar also don't work, please try the following steps.

  1. Right click on the editing screen, then select "Global Settings..." from the context menu.
  2. The "Flash Player Setting Manager"(Windows) / "Flash Player"(Mac OS X) panel or the Adobe’s web page will be shown, depending on your system environment.
  3. In the "Storage" tab, click the "Local Storage Setting by Site…" button.

  4. Select the item "dkq8rty4fmcob.cloudfront.net" in the website list, then click the "Remove"(Windows)/or the minus sign (-)(Mac OS X) button.
  5. After the item "dkq8rty4fmcob.cloudfront.net" is removed, close the setting panel.

  6. [On the Adobe’s web page window] Click the "Website Storage Settings panel" link on the page.
  7. You’ll be sent to the "Website Storage Settings panel."  Select the item "dkq8rty4fmcob.cloudfront.net" in the website list and click the "Delete website" button.

After these steps, please try the copying and pasting functionality on the editing screen.

Please note: Some settings, such as showing/hiding panels or their positions on the editing screen, will be cleared after these steps.