Create a new diagram

On top of the Dashboard, select, and you will taken to the Editor.


If this is your first time using creating a diagram, you will be asked to choose a template after reading an announcement about Cacoo Ninja. If you do not want to use a template, go ahead and click Cancel.





Security Settings. These are your privacy settings. Select Open diagram to public by URL when you share diagrams with people outside of your organization. Selecting Anyone can edit opens your diagram for editing to anyone with the link.

Type. By default, your file type is "Ordinary diagram." Set it to Stencil when you create a component (for example, a shape or icon) you wish to use again in your diagrams, or Template when you are creating a base for your diagram (for example, a particular flowchart layout) that you wish to use again.

Sheet size. Choose the sheet size (custom or a pre-set dimension) and orientation (portrait or landscape). Please note that the maximum sheet size is 16,000 pixels total.

Image size. This impacts how you see your diagram when previewing or after exporting. Crop to the size of the diagram means the image crops to the margins or edges of the outermost objects (image on the left). Fix the size of sheet with empty spaces means you keep the entire sheet, leaving any blank spaces (image on right).