Note: Panels can be moved around the editor at your convenience while you edit your diagram.

 Go back to list of diagrams

This option returns you to the Dashboard. Find this option at the bottom of the drop-down menu when you click the Cacoo logo (top left).



 Copy/Paste Style

 Shape Styles


Additional information:

 Lines/Connectors: this opens up a menu to create different kinds of lines.

  • No sticking - does not snap to the grid or connect automatically to the nearest shape
  • Auto - lines format automatically according to the distance between and orientation of the shapes they are connecting between

 Insert Files or Images


Note: Cacoo Ninja is needed for a lot these functions. For additional information about Cacoo Ninja, click here.

  • Insert an image from your computer. Cacoo limits the size of the file you can insert into Cacoo, but you can upload multiple images at the same time. For Free Plan users, it’s a max size of 0.5MB. Otherwise, it’s 10MB.
    (Note: Looking for an easier way to import your images? Drag and drop the images you want into the Editor.)
  • Insert SVG files from your computer. You have the option to upload multiple SVG files at once. This option lets you edit the individual layers of an SVG file in the editor. This is also useful for creating your own stencils.
  • Insert a Visio file from your computer. Users can import and edit Visio diagrams in the Cacoo editor.
  • Insert a screenshot of a website. Just copy and paste a URL to insert a screenshot of a web page. Ordinary websites take longer, but this works best with image URLs.
  • Take a screenshot. This option requires you to download the Cacoo Ninja extension. Change the size of the capture window. When you click Capture, the screenshot automatically inserts into the Editor.
  • Insert image from clipboard. The traditional paste (Ctrl/⌘+V) is reserved for objects within the Cacoo editor. If you copy an image from an external website or document, insert it by using Ctrl/⌘+Shift+V.



Click to view the most recently used stencils.


All object formatting takes place in the Inspector. Formatting options include the following:


 Help: this opens up a list of keyboard shortcuts you can use within the Editor.

 Export: this opens up a list of export formatting options. Please note that Free plan users can only export to PNG.

 Share: this opens up a field where users can enter the email addresses of collaborators. Please note that this information will not be visible if a diagram is within an organization space on the Team or Education plans due to a difference in security settings.

Properties: this menu allows you to change the title, description, security settings, and size of your diagram.

 Save: This allows you to save your work as a diagram, stencil, or template. If you are on one of the paid plans, you may also switch on Version History.

 Pending Operations

 Internet Connection


In Cacoo, plans are limited by the number of sheets you can use to create diagrams. For example, Free users have 6 sheets. This can be distributed as 1 sheet per diagram, 1 diagram with 6 sheets, or many diagrams with varying numbers of sheets each. Just click the + at the bottom of the Editor to add a sheet. Right click the tab(s) to edit, delete, duplicate, etc.

You can also set a background sheetOpen a new sheet and double-click the tab. Select another sheet that you would like to become a non-editable background layer for the one you currently have open. This is useful for playing around with floor plans, site maps, wireframes, etc.