Cacoo is an online diagramming tool for creating sitemaps, flowcharts, mind maps, wireframes, mockups, UML models, etc. You can collaborate with others around the globe on Cacoo diagrams in real time.

The Cacoo Editor is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, yet versatile. More information about the Cacoo Editor can be found here.

What is Nulab?

Cacoo is part of a family of business products created by Nulab, Inc. Nulab is a small but powerful Japanese software company dedicated to creating software applications that foster effective communication and collaboration among people and businesses.

You can find out more about our sister products here.

Why is Cacoo Called Cacoo?

A lot of people think Cacoo is a funny name for our product, but the name Cacoo is based on the Japanese pronunciation of the word for “draw” in Japanese. You can see the character in the figure below and how the name was taken from the character.