Share as a link

Before sharing a link, you must make sure that the diagram is set to be open to the public by URL. To do this, open the Editor or Diagram Viewer and select Open diagram to public by URL. Without this feature, even if you give someone the link, they won’t be able to see the diagram.

The Cacoo Editor:

Properties > Open to Public by URL

Diagram Viewer:

Diagram Action > Diagram Information > Open to Public by URL


Diagram Information (Diagram_Info_Icon.png> Edit > Open to Public by URL



When sharing diagrams as links with others, you can share the link to the overall diagram or a specific sheet. You can also embed your diagram on a web page, such as your blog or company website. Embedded diagrams automatically update when someone edits them in Cacoo.

To share a diagram link, go to the Diagram Viewer, then press the “Link” Icon:




Share via email

In the Cacoo editor, you can send the diagram or sheet by email to multiple people by their email addresses or their Cacoo username if they’re within the same organization.



You can export a diagram in a PNG, SVG, PDF, PS, or PPT format. Please refer to Pricing.