You can get to the Diagram Viewer it by navigating to the Dashboard and clicking on the diagram you would like to view.



Clicking the Edit button takes you to the Cacoo Editor.

Diagram Action

Clicking on the menu labeled “Diagram Action” gives you a menu of options you can apply to your diagram, including changing its’ security settings, copying the diagram, presenting the diagram, and using the Google Drive integration.


Click on “Diagram Action” and then click on “Presentation.” Your diagram displays in the center. If you have set the image size to “Crop to the size of the diagram,” the space around the diagram will be colored black.

Only View Image

Click the “Diagram Action” menu and then click “Only View Image.” Your diagram will display in another window.

Sharing the URL

See Sharing.

History & Revisions

Revision History shows timestamps of when the diagram was last edited. However, the revision history feature is exclusive to paid plan users.


See Sharing.


Diagram Information

You can edit this information, too.


If your diagram is public, anyone with the link can view the diagram.


Projects and folders serve similar purposes. They both seek to organize the kinds of diagrams you create on Cacoo, but the difference is that Cacoo Team uses Projects, and single-user plans use Folders.

Shared Users


Find out who you’ve shared a diagram with by clicking the icon that looks like a group of people next to the name of the diagram.


Receive notifications when someone comments on your diagram by clicking on the “Comment” icon while looking at the diagram. Any comments you post apply to the entire diagram, not just the sheet you are viewing.