Nulab Account

Cacoo Team uses Nulab Account, which is where you manage users, their Organizational roles, groups, and contracts.

Organization Members

To use the Team plan, the user needs to be a member of the organization. To invite users to the organization, go to in your Organization and click the “Invite Team Members” button in the lefthand menu:


Note: Only the administrator of the organization will be able to see this button. If you’re a Member Plus user, you can invite users from the Nulab account page directly. If you need to add members but are not the administrator or a Member Plus user, please ask your administrator to follow these instructions.

This will open your Nulab account in a new window. You’ll see the option to dictate their user role, which will be explained in the next section. Once you select the user role and click “Next”, you’ll be able to enter the email addresses of every intended recipient. To send the invitation, click the button that says “Invite X Member” (note: X is a variable used to reflect the number of invited users).

The invited users will receive an email invitation that includes a button they can click on to register for a Nulab account. When the invited user signs up for the Nulab Account, they will join the organization. As soon as the user joins the organization, they can start using the Team plan.



To share diagrams in the organization, add users to groups or projects.

Roles in the Organization

Different roles can be set for each member to determine what they can do in the organization. These roles are managed on the Nulab Account page.


On Nulab Account, administrators invite people to the organization and or manage its members and groups.

In the Team plan on Cacoo, administrators manage projects and diagrams, as well as set project creators.


Members are users of the Cacoo Organization that don’t have administrator privileges or guest restrictions. On Nulab Account, these users can see the organization's members and which groups they belong to. These users can also create and manage these groups.

On the Team plan, users can share diagrams in the projects they belong to. What users can do for each diagram depends on what role they are given in each project.


When you want to invite people who do not belong to your organization, we recommend setting them as a "guest."

On Nulab Account, guests can only see the other members of the groups they belong to, not all of the members of the organization.

In the Team plan, guests can perform most of the operations that users can, except they cannot be set as a project administrator or project creator.

Groups in an Organization

Groups can be created in an organization to manage multiple members at once. In the Team plan, groups can be used to invite or change the roles of multiple members at once instead of handling members separately. Since a group can be used for multiple projects, an organization member can be a member of all projects related to the group. Groups make sharing organizational diagrams easier.