The number of projects, users, and sheets that you can use in the organization depends on your company’s plan.

Restrictions by plan

Number of sheets in the organization

The number of used sheets means the cumulated number of sheets used in your diagrams, including those in the Recycle Bin.

When your organization reaches its sheet limit, you will be unable to create new diagrams or add sheets to the diagrams. By downgrading the plan and exceeding the sheet limit, the existing diagrams will not be editable. By emptying the Recycle Bin, the total number of used sheets in the organization can be reduced.

Number of projects

When the organization reaches its project limit, you will be unable to create new projects. By downgrading the plan and exceeding the project limit, the existing diagrams in all projects will not be editable.

Delete unused projects to reduce the total number of registered projects in the Organization. Please be cautious when you are deleting Projects as the diagrams within them will be deleted, too.

Users per project

Each plan restricts the number of users allowed to join Projects. The total number of users includes individual project members and group members that have been added to the project. Users who are in multiple projects are only counted once.

When one of your Projects reaches its member limit, you will be unable to add more users to that Project.

When the organization administrator causes the organization to exceed their project limit by downgrading the plan or adding more group members, you will be unable to create Projects or edit existing diagrams within your Projects.

Changing plans

To change your plan, please go to your Nulab Apps page. You can start using an upgraded plan immediately. If you are downgrading your plan, the change will be applied to the next contract term.

When you downgrade your plan, the organization might exceed the new plan's limits. In that case, the organization members might be unable to use a part of or all functions on Cacoo. Please delete any unnecessary diagrams, projects or project members so that you will be within the limits of your downgraded plan.

The end of the contract term

When the plan is not renewed by the end of the contract term, the members of the organization will be unable to use Cacoo. By submitting the payment within 14 days of the end of the term, you may keep using the organization.

If the organization becomes unavailable, please check whether your payment has been submitted successfully. If you are paying with a credit card, please make sure it is within the expiration date.