I am encountering problems with Cacoo Ninja on Safari.

Safari users will need to change the security mode for the Cacoo site on Adobe Flash Player. Follow the steps below to change your security settings. This configuration will only apply to the Cacoo site.

  1. Select [Safari] > [Preferences...]

  2. Select [Security] tab.

  3. Click the “Manage Website Settings…” button. (Note: on Safari 9 and later, this will show up as “Plug-in Settings…”)

  4. Select "Adobe Flash Player" in the left pane. Find "cacoo.com" in the right pane and select "Run in Unsafe Mode.”

    If you are using Safari 10.0 or later, while holding down the “Option/Alt” key on your keyboard, click the website name to open the pop-up menu, then uncheck “Run in Safe Mode.”

  5. Click the ‘Trust’ button in the confirmation message.

  6. Click the ‘Done’ button in the preference panel.