Sharing diagrams, shapes and templates through folders

On single-user plans

Adding and managing folder members

On multi-user plans

Creating a folder

Adding and managing folder members

Folder roles

On single-user plans

On the Previous Plus and Previous Free plan (who registered before 27/11/2019), diagrams can be shared with others using Shared Folders.

Adding and managing Shared Folder members

To add Shared Folder members, click More Settings icon next to the Folder name.


The current members of this Folder will be shown in the section titled “Collaborators.”


Then, click the + icon (1) next to where it says “Collaborators.” This will bring up a field where you can enter the email address (2) of a person you would like to share the Folder with. Click the Invite (3) button, and the email address will move to the “Collaborators” section with the label “Invited.” This label will be removed once the user accepts the invitation to join the Folder.

On multi-user plans

On Cacoo Team, Education and the latest Free plan (who registered after 27/11/19), organizational diagrams can be shared by inviting other members of an organization through Shared Folders.



Creating a folder

Organization administrators and members have given permission to create Folders by clicking the "+" button in the left menu next to "Folders."

The collaborator's page will prompt allowing you to add other collaborators to the shared folder for further collaboration. 

Note: Free plan user is limit to 1 shared folder only.


Adding and managing folder members

Folders members can only be added by members with Admin privileges. Folder members can add organizational and team members. Users that do not belong to the organization cannot be added as Folder members.


To add Folder members, click More Settings icon next to the Folder name. 


The current members of this Folder will be shown under the section titled “Collaborators.”


Then, click the + icon (1) next to where it says “Collaborators.” This will bring up a menu of all members and teams (2) in the organization that could be added to the Folder.

Select a member and click “Add” (3) to add them to the Folder.


Folder Privileges

Privileges can be set for each Folder member in the “Collaborators” section. If there are a lot of Folder members, search for the team or member name in the search field to filter the “Collaborators” section.

Under the Privileges column, you can switch the members’ access level between three levels:


Folder Admin:

  • Can view, edit, delete, or change the owner of all diagrams in the Folder
  • Create new diagrams
  • Change Folder settings
  • Delete the Folder
  • Add/Remove Folder members
  • Change member roles

Please note: Members of the organization that have a Guest role cannot be set as Folder admins.


Can Edit: can view and edit all diagrams in the Folder, but only change the ownership of diagrams that they have created


Read Only: can only view the Folder’s diagrams


Roles set within this section will only apply to the current Folder, not anywhere else within the Organization.


When a user is added to the Folder both as an individual and as part of a team, the individual user role will be applied.


When a user is not added as an individual but with multiple teams, the highest role will be applied.