Multiple users can access the diagram and edit it simultaneously. Here’s what it looks like when you edit a diagram with others.


User icons on the sheet tabs show which sheets other users are working on in real time.


Objects that are being edited will be highlighted with the collaborators' icons.


Commenting on a diagram

You can leave comments for collaborators anywhere within your diagram by clicking “Comment”, then moving your cursor over the part of the sheet that you would like the comment to reflect.



Click the spot where you would like the Comment to go, then type your comment and press enter.


To leave the Comment function, press ESC.


View or hide comments

View comments left on your diagram by clicking the Show icon.



When this is clicked, all comments will be shown, indicated by numbers that reflect the order in which they were added to the sheet.

Click any of these numbers to expand the comment.

When you are viewing the comments, the icon that said “Show” will change to say “Hide.”

 Click “Hide” to minimize all comments.