On single-user plans

On multi-user plans


On single-user plans

Diagrams that you create will automatically save to your personal folder, but you can change their location at any time.

Moving multiple diagrams to another folder

Check off each diagram that you want to move.


Then, from the top-right of the folder, click “Move.” You will be shown a list of folders that you can move the diagram to.


Select the target folder, then click “Move.” Your diagram will disappear from this folder, and reappear in the folder that you selected.


Please note: you can only move multiple diagrams that you own, even if you are the person who created the folder that the diagrams are shared in.


Tip: If you want to move someone else’s diagram to another folder, use the Duplicate function to make a copy of the diagram and save that to another folder.

On multi-user plans

Moving diagrams between folders in your organization

Space administrators can manage all diagrams and folders that they are invited to access.


For example, Joe, the space administrator, has been invited to access the Marketing folder, which was created by Bryan. Joe can go into the Marketing folder and move Bryan’s diagrams into his Private Folder or another folder in the space.


Folders administrators can move any diagram within their folder to another folder by clicking the menu button on the diagram, then clicking the destination folder and clicking “Move.”


Diagrams that are not in folders can be moved into folders, and diagrams within folders can be moved to other folders. 

When moving a diagram, you need to either be the space administrator or have an administrator role in the original folder. If you have editing access to a folder, you can move diagrams that you own. If you are a team administrator, you can also move diagrams that you do not own.


If you try to move a diagram that you don’t own in a folder where you don’t have admin access, the menu option will not show you any options to move the diagram.




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