Diagram protection

Cacoo uses HTTPS, which encrypts the data sent and received with SSL. Your diagrams on Cacoo are private, safe and secure unless you make them public or allow other users to view or edit them.

Server details

For security reasons, we don't publish the amount or specifications of our servers.

Security policy

We are committed to providing a secure environment to our customers.

We do not share your data with outside parties. Access to your data is limited to you and other users that you've allowed to access your work, except in the case of emergencies, i.e., fixing hardware problems.

We also periodically backup your data to prevent data loss.

We will delete your data immediately upon your request.

Systems and equipment

Data Center

The servers are located in a data center with 24/7/365 surveillance and security.


Our server has Linux installed.

Auto Updates of Security Patch

We maintain security by updating the server software to protect our users from security problems automatically.

We also have a reliable security system even if server software updates cannot occur automatically.

Disabling unnecessary services and ports

We disable unnecessary services that are initially programmed to start by default. We also publicize the minimum numbers of ports.


A firewall prevents unauthorized access to the server.

Encrypted data transfer by SSL

With SSL, the communication between the web browser and the server is encrypted. It helps to prevent your data getting lost, being edited, or spoofing.

Cacoo Security

Cacoo strives for higher security. We always verify the common attacks (such as XSS).

If there are any problems, we notify our users on the “bugs and requests” or “system failure information” websites immediately and deal with these problems promptly.

Access logs

We keep the access logs for a certain amount of time, but we don’t release this information to our customers.

How we deal with server outages

We monitor server reports 24/7. Our monitoring system notifies our operational team of system abnormalities. Our team follows up on reported abnormalities as soon as they come in.

We have an operational manual tailored for the event of a data center failure that will allow us to perform a rapid restoration.

Privacy policy

Please refer to the Nulab's Privacy Policy page.

How we backup data

To recover the data in case of server failure, we take the following preventive measures.

  • Once a day - Full database backups (14 times of backups are retained.)
  • All times - Replication to another data center

Data are backups and stored in highly available and durable storage in AWS.

In the unlikely event that a failure occurs in the data area, we will restore the service with the backups.


System requirements

Cacoo can be used in the following environments.

  • OS: Windows 7+ or Mac OS X
  • Web browsers: Microsoft Edge (After Creators Update), Safari 10.1 or older, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome
    • The latest stable version of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome is recommended.

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