Stack Order 

You can change the stacking order of a selected object relative to other objects by selecting the object > Stack order icon from the menu, and the stack order style menu will prompt. You can bring the object to the front, back, forward, and backward.

Arrange multiple objects

When selecting multiple objects, the align function will be available in your editor menu. It helps you to align and distribute the position of multiple objects.

  1. Align selection
    When two or more objects are selected, you can choose to align them to the left, right, top, bottom, vertically center, or horizontally center.

  2. Distribute selection
    When three or more objects are selected, you can choose to scatter your objects horizontally or vertically with equal space between them.  



Flip the object

You're also able to flip an object vertically or horizontally using the flip function. To flip an object, select the object > more menu > select Vertical Flip or Horizontal flip.


Rotate the object

You can rotate an object to any degree by selecting the object and click on the rotate icon to rotate it. 

The degree of the rotation will be reflected on the side of the rotation icon.



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