Dynamic charts allow you to visualize data in your Cacoo diagrams. 

Types of charts

You can create 6 types of charts.

Bar (Vertical & Horizontal)


Line (Line & Area)


Pie (Pie & Donuts)


How to use dynamic charts

Add a chart

When you click "Chart" on the left-hand side of your Cacoo Editor, the chart menu will pop up with your 6 chart options.


Select a chart in the menu, and the selected chart will be placed onto your canvas.


Edit a chart

When you select a chart, an edit icon will appear in the upper-right-hand corner.


Click the icon, and a chart editing panel will pop up on the right-hand side of Editor. You can also open the panel by double-clicking on a chart.


Edit data in the data table

You can edit data values directly in the data table.


Operations in the data table

Right-click on the data table to do the following operations.

Select multiple cells


Insert a row or column


Delete a row or column


Clear values in a row and column


Use the first row as headings

To add headings to your chart, insert the text you want to display into the first row of data and enable the “Use the first row as headings” option.


Data in the first row will be displayed as a Legend at the bottom of the chart.


Limitations of the data table

Maximum rows 100 rows
Maximum columns 26 columns
Maximum digits in a cell 15 digits (values over the digits will be cut off)

Non-numeric value

Nonnumeric values are not allowed in the second and subsequent rows.


Import external data

You can import data from following types of files:

  • Excel (.xls .xlsx)
  • CSV (.csv)

Import data from Excel / CSV

  1. Click on the “Import” button in the upper-right-hand corner of the panel
  2. Select a file in the dialog
    Drag & drop the file or use the "select file" button. When you select a CSV file, it imports the data. In the case of an Excel file, you will need to select a sheet to import from the panel.

Edit chart styles

You can edit chart styles in the right-hand panel.


You can alter the following style options:

  • Title
  • X / Y axis
  • Grid
  • Label
  • Legend
  • Point (Line / Area)
  • Stroke (Area)
  • Opacity (Area)

Color changes in each row/column

The color picker in the data table allows you to change the colors in each row/column.


Export as PPT format

When exporting a diagram in PPT format (.ppt), your chart will be converted into an image for external use.