During a Cacoo video chat session, you can perform screen sharing with your team members.

Note: The screen sharing function is only available when members are participating in a video chat session. 



Screen sharing

1.1  Minimizing shared screen

1.2  Take over from the presenter


Screen sharing

To perform screen sharing, you and the members will need to join the video chat first.

  1. Start the video chat by selecting the Video Icon > Join Video Chat from the diagram.

  2. Click the Start screen sharing button at the bottom of the diagram.

  3. Select to share a window or screen and select Share

The selected screen will appear in the diagram editor and is shared with all members who joined the video chat. 

To stop screen sharing, select the Stop screen sharing button. 

Note: The screen sharing feature may not work properly for a combination of some browsers..


Tip: When screen sharing is started, your current window will display your shared screen. If you are sharing an entire screen or window that shows your diagram, a mirroring effect will appear. To avoid mirroring, you can minimize the shared screen to the video panel and continue your presentation.

If you are sharing other content, you can also share from another tab or window. 


Minimizing shared screen

To minimize the shared screen and show the diagram editor, select the minimize button in the upper left corner of the shared screen. The shared screen will be minimized into the video chat panel. 

To maximize the shared screen again, click on the minimized screen in the video chat panel. 

Note: When you minimize or maximize the shared screen, it will only affect your viewing screen and not the other members’ screens. 


Take over from the presenter

When a member is sharing their screen during the video chat, you can take over the screen-sharing session from the presenter.

To take over the screen sharing from the presenter:

  1. Click the Start screen sharing button at the bottom of the diagram while another member is sharing their screen. 
  2. A screen sharing confirmation dialog will prompt. Select Share now to take over from the main presenter. 

Note: When another member is taking over the screen sharing from the presenter, there will be a dialog prompt to the presenter.