Locate objects within the sheet

By default, your diagram’s sheet will be set to “Free Size.” When opening your diagram, if you cannot locate your content within the sheet, you can use the following ways to find them. 

Zoom to fit button

If any object or content placed on the sheet is out of your view, the Zoom to Fit (Shift +1) button will appear on the top of the sheet. Clicking on this button will position and adjust your editor’s zoom view to fit the contents of the sheet. 


  • The Zoom to fit (Shift + 1) button will only appear when there are no objects on your view of the sheet. If the button is not displayed, try to scroll the sheet.
  • Alternatively, you can use the shortcut key – “Shift + 1” to quickly perform the zoom to fit action.

Zoom function

You can use Fit to screen from the zoom function to directly position and adjust your view to fit the contents of the sheet. 

  1. On the properties bar, click on the zoom % menu.
  2. Select Fit to Screen.