Cacoo provides a shape library that helps you easily find the shapes you need for your diagram. Besides the default shape options provided by Cacoo, you can create your custom shapes and save them for later use. After creating custom shapes, you can find them in the shape library under the Custom Shape section. 


How to save your diagram as a custom shape

By default, your Cacoo diagram is saved as a “Diagram” type. To create custom shapes and save them for later use, you will need to set the diagram type to “Shape”.

  1. Start a new diagram and create each custom shape in a sheet.
  2. To save your diagram as a custom shape, go to the top navigation area, select the drop-down arrow beside the diagram name > Set diagram type > Shape.

  3. The Publish Shape button will display on the top navigation area; select it.
  4. After you have published the shape, the custom shapes will be reflected on the shape panel under the Custom Shapes section.


  • If you are creating multiple custom shapes and wish to group them into a different custom shape category, you can do so by using different diagrams to publish the shapes and name the diagrams accordingly.

    The diagram and sheet name will be saved and reflected in Custom Shapes as below:
    - Diagram name = Custom Shapes category name
    - Sheet name = Shape name

  • You can easily differentiate the diagram type on the Dashboard by checking the icon of the types. If a diagram has been set as “Shape” type, the shape icon will be reflected on the diagram. By default, the “Diagram” type will not have any icon.


Apply changes to the custom shapes

If you have made some changes or updates to an existing custom shape, after the updates, please select the Publish Shape button on the top navigation area to apply the changes. 

The Cacoo auto-save function will only save the changes in the custom shape diagram but will not publish the changes in the Custom Shape library, hence the need to select the Publish Shape button.