Deleting your account and organization

If you wish to stop using Cacoo, you can opt to delete your account and organization. Deleting your account will not delete the diagrams created. To delete all your diagrams in Cacoo, you will need to delete the organization.

Deleting your account

To delete your account, go to your Nulab Account. On the Profile page, select Delete my account. If you do not have a Nulab Account, please contact us

For more details about deleting your account, refer to the Manage profile support article. 


  • Only users can delete their account.
  • Deleting your account will not delete your created diagrams. The diagrams will remain in the organization even after the user has deleted their account. 
  • For Cacoo Pro plan users, to delete your account, please delete your organization first.
  • For Cacoo legacy Plus plan and legacy Free plan users, deleting your account will cancel the subscription and delete all diagrams in the account. 


Deleting your organization

To delete your organization, go to your Organization Settings, select Delete organization on the Organization Profile page. 

For more details about deleting an organization, refer to the Managing your organization support article. 


  • Deleting the organization will terminate and delete all the organization’s data with Nulab services, including Backlog, Typetalk, and Nulab Pass. Please confirm your subscription or contract for other Nulab services before deleting your organization. 
  • Deleted organizations and diagrams cannot be restored. 
  • Deleting the organization will not delete the user’s Nulab account.