Sticky notes are an effective and easy to use tool that let users record or highlight their important information or even ideas quickly. In Cacoo, you can find the sticky notes function available on the tool menu and easily add them to your diagrams.

How to add sticky notes

Add sticky notes via the Tool menu

If you are adding sticky notes in bulk, you can add them via the Tool menu.

  1. Go to Tool menu > Sticky Note.
  2. A sticky note creation modal will pop up.
    Input your text in the Sticky notes and press Enter or Add to post the sticky notes on the diagram.
  3. To end the add function, select X to close or exit the modal.


  • You can select different colors of sticky note while inputting your text. 
  • Operation shortcut key in the sticky notes creation page:
    - Press Enter to post a sticky note.
    - Press Shift + Enter for a line break.
    - Press Shift + Tab to switch sticky notes color.
  • After you added a sticky note, the creation modal remains and you can continue to input your text for any following notes that you wish to create.

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