Sharing via Home
Sharing via link
Sharing via email


In Cacoo, we provide multiple sharing options that make it easy for you to work with other users with flexible options to share your diagrams, shape, or templates.

Sharing via Home 

You can share private diagrams in your Home folder with chosen collaborators or teams. What’s more, you can also view who you shared each diagram within the Home folder.

To share your diagram via the Home folder, follow the steps below. 

  1. Go to Home on the left sidebar.
  2. Hover over the diagram you wish to share and select the more icon (...) > Share.
  3. It will open your diagram in a new page with the Sharing pop-up screen. 
  4. In the Collaborators tab, click on the search field and hover over the members or teams that you wish to add as collaborators and select +Add.


  • You can set the collaborator’s privilege to viewer or editor. Viewers can only view the diagram, while Editors can edit the diagram.
  • You can view which diagram in Home has been shared according to the sharing icon displayed next to the diagram’s name.
    To view the collaborators, hover over the sharing icon and it will display their usernames.



  • Diagram-level sharing of diagrams in the Home folder to other collaborators is available to all Cacoo plans except Pro Plan.
  • Only diagrams that are saved in the Home folder can be shared with collaborators. Diagrams in private folders cannot be shared with collaborators.
  • Moving a shared diagram from Home to a private folder will cause the collaborators to lose access to the diagram.
  • Moving a shared diagram from Home to a Shared folder will prompt a confirmation message to give the Shared folder access to the collaborators, if they do not have access to the Shared folder.


Sharing via link

You can easily share your diagrams, templates, or shapes via link. Sharing via link provides the options for you to share as a diagram, image, or as an embedded diagram on your website. 

To share via link,

  1. Click the Share button on the top navigation area and select Share via link tab.
  2. Enable the Public link radio button and select view only or edit.
  3. For diagram sharing, you can choose to load the diagram on the current sheet or other sheets.
    For image link & embed code, you can choose to Generate link for the current sheet or other sheets.
  4. Click Copy to copy the link and you can share it with anyone. 

Tip: By checking the width and height checkbox, you can customize the sheet’s size for the image or embed function. 



  • Sharing via link function is available across all Cacoo plans. 
  • Without turning on the Public link, even if you share with someone the link, they won’t be able to see the diagram.
  • By giving the Edit permission, when someone accesses your diagram via your sharing link, they can edit and change your diagram content. 


Sharing via email

You can share your diagram, shape, template, or sheet by inviting methods - via email, to multiple people. 

To share via email, 

  1. Click the Share button on the top of the navigation area.
  2. In the Collaborators tab, click the + icon and key in the username or email address of the collaborator you would like to add.
  3. Select Invite. Their username and email address will move into the Collaborators section.


  • Sharing via email is only available for legacy plans - old free plan and plus plan users only. 
  • You can only invite other legacy plan users via email. If the collaborators are under current plans or have not yet signed up for a Cacoo account, you are unable to invite them via email. 



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