Cacoo’s chat function lets collaborators have live communication within the diagrams, which helps them discuss ideas and communicate easily. 

During online team discussions or presentations, team members can give feedback or discuss questions in the chat panel in real time.

How it works

To start your chat, in the diagram: 

  1. Select the Chat function on the right menu, and the chat panel will prompt. 
  2. Input your message in the text box and click Post or press enter.


  • You can tag a collaborator or all by using the @ function. Simply enter @ followed by the user name, all or select from the collaborators list.  
  • You can insert an emoji by selecting the emoji icon function.
  • To check when a message was posted, hover over the message’s time log, and it will reflect the date and time in a popup. 
  • To share a specific chat message, click on its time at the chat log and the diagram URL in the browser address bar will change. Copy the diagram URL and you can share it with other collaborators. They can easily locate the chat message in the diagram as it will be highlighted in the chat log.



  • If the diagram is shared via the public link with edit access, guests can access it and leave messages in the chat. The chat log will capture the guest’s registered name, however, guests are unable to use mentions or tag @ other members. 
  • Also, guests will not be able to view the chat log or previous messages posted by the organization’s collaborators. But the messages that are entered by guests will be recorded in the chat log and are viewable by the organization’s collaborators.


Editing or deleting the posted chat

If you have posted your chat message and found a typo, or it has been wrongly sent, you can edit or delete it.

To edit or delete, in the chat panel: 

  1. Click on your posted message, and it will display in the edit mode.
  2. To edit, change or update the message and press enter to apply the changes.
    To delete, select the bin icon to delete your message.

Note: You can only edit or delete your own chat messages.  



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