Alongside live collaboration and live chat, Cacoo also provides video chat so that you can easily discuss ideas with your collaborators. This function allows collaborators to have online meetings that take place right within a diagram. 

Here are some benefits of the Cacoo video chat function. 

  • All in one tool
    Cacoo brings video chat, real-time chat, and diagramming together, so you can get everything done in one place.

  • Improves communication and collaboration
    Collaborators can have face to face communication no matter where they are in the world.

  • Ease of use and reduced costs
    The Cacoo video chat function does not require participants to sign up for a user account to join the video chat. This gives participants the flexibility to join the video chat directly from the diagram and reduces the cost of maintaining external party licenses. 


  • Video chat function is not available for the old Free plan and Plus plan.
  • The Free plan supports video chat for up to three users at a time within a diagram. 
  • Pro plan, Team plan, and any other paid plans support video chat for up to five users at a time within a diagram. 
  • Video chat is available to all roles, including admins, members, and guests. 


How to start a video chat

To start a video chat: 

  1. On the diagram, select the Video icon > Join Video Chat.
  2. A video settings dialog will prompt. Select your Microphone device and Camera device. On the preview screen, you can turn on/off the microphone or camera before joining the video chat on the preview screen.
  3. Select Join.


Collaborators who have joined the video chat are reflected on the video chat panel. You can:

  • Turn on/off the microphone or camera.
  • Manage the microphone or camera Settings.
  • Leave the video chat. 


  • Before joining the video chat, you can see the number of users and the profile photos of users who have joined the video chat in the video chat panel. 
  • Hover over another user’s video chat screen to view their user name.


When video chat participants reach max capacity

When the number of video chat participants reaches the maximum capacity, the “Join Video Chat” button will be disabled. A message will display showing the number of video chat users available for the plan.